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About Us

Plures Air is one of the leading organisation of aviation and tourism sector with headquarters in İstanbul. Plures has become one of the reputable organisations in related operational areas by integrating impeccable services under one roof and providing customer satisfaction with professional approaches. The company has raised the stakes by reaching the objectives before determined period and has always aimed for higher success. Plures has become a brand with solution-oriented services that meets emergency needs in aviation sector. The company is working hard to provide an accessible service, time saving to the customers, and high efficiency within given period.

Plures air follows technology and sector closely and offers services such as private jet charter services, tourism activities, air cargo transportation services, and medical assistance services.

Private jet charter services will provide customized flight experience for different purposes; ambulance plane charter services will transfer injured people, patients, or organs from one point to another; cargo plane charter services will transport the tons of cargo between two destinations, and passenger plane charter services for large groups will offer unique services. Plures will analyse all your needs and offer you those services with great care.

Plures is a TÜRSAB certificate authorised agency that offers tourism activities such as plane ticket sales, hotel reservations, car rental with driver, welcoming guests, private airport transfers, visa application and follow-up, and hotel reservation. Additionally, the company offers private tour services to eliminate all possible problems during your travels.

Plures complies with air transportation rules as International Air Transportation Association-IATA member and has proved quality and reliability in this sector.

Plures Air follow all sectoral development according to innovative policies adopted as a firm that provides services at international standards. Experienced and expert team of the company had completed all required trainings and focuses on customer satisfaction.

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