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796 kmh

Max. Range:
2963 km

Citation V

Jet Ambulance

The Citation V is a reliable private jet that can take you anywhere a mid-sized jet can go at the cost of a light jet flight. Its comfort, performance and reliability match Cessna's high standards in private jet design.

In our ambulance aircraft, medical devices and high technology patient handling stretchers at European standards are used.

Our aircraft is designed for 1 patient and is capable of transporting 2 accompanying relatives of the patient. In our aircrafts, healthcare personnel with the qualifications determined according to the patient’s illness are in charge. Our entire personnel consist of specialized experts having completed the necessary training and development courses and each of them has obtained the aerial ambulance working permit approved by the Ministry of Health.

Cessna jet ambulans uçak
jet ambulans uçak
Cessna jet ambulans

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