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Medical Assistance Services

Plures Air

Medical Assistance Services

Significant advances have also been made in medical assistance with the integration of innovations in the transport sector of today's rapidly evolving technologies. Plures Air, which serves in various fields, caters to every sector with its medical assistance services and closely follows developments in this area.

How does Ambulance Plane Transfer Happen?

Ambulance planes are used for providing services to injured people, patients, health personnel, and for organ transfers. Our company provides an extremely fast medical assistance service by giving ambulance aircraft in the rental portfolio. Institutions and organisations operating in the health sector can benefit from ambulance plane renting services. The planes are equipped with complete equipment to meet the needs of the patient to provide the necessary medical assistance. Ambulance planes, which are relatively fast, comfortable, and safe compared to land ambulances, take off from the nearest airport to the location where the patients and wounded are located and land to the nearest airport to the transfer destination area.

How to Transfer Patients with Scheduled Airlines?

As an alternative to the ambulance plane renting service, our company provides the services you need for patient transfers made with scheduled airline flights. With our medical assistance service, we are planning all stages of the journey meticulously with the detailed information about the conditions of the patients and performing the necessary procedures in a proper manner.

Relatives of the patient and doctors, as well as the travel conditions, are planned and implemented according to the process designed for a trip suitable for the equipment and transfer from airport to the hospital with land ambulance will be provided within our medical assistance service.

Trying to organize a process of this size on an individual basis seriously increases the probability of encountering some problems in the transfer process. We recommend that you get medical assistance from our company to ensure that the fluency can be done in a healthy way and that coordination adjustments can be achieved. You need to tell us your requests at least one week before the transfer.

What is the Purpose of the Medical Team Transfer?

Under our medical assistance services, if we are unable to find a competent doctor or necessary healthcare staff to intervene in any area, we will transfer the medical team to the relevant region via private jet, ambulance plane, or scheduled airline. Especially when there is urgent need, it is very important to make the transfer of the medical team fast. For this reason, air transportation is often preferred.

Where Can the Funeral Be Transferred?

Our company is actively operating with airline companies, private jet, ambulance planes, or scheduled flights in this part of the wide range of medical assistance. Under the scope of the service, funeral transfers from abroad to the country or vice versa are carried out safely and quickly.

As the fastest medical assistance option, private jet and ambulance planes are ready to use between 2 to 4 hours. If you want transfer with scheduled plane, you need to send your request to us at least 1 week prior to transfer.

You can contact us 24/7 to get detailed information about our medical assistance services.

You can access us 24/7 when you need any service.
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