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Private Jet Renting

Private jet renting is a specialised air transport service that offers multiple advantages.

You can benefit from private jet renting services of Plures Air and guarantee fast, reliable, and comfortable journey. Individuals or business that chose are services can freely select route, flight date, ad flight hour. With our privacy rules and privileged services, you will feel special!

You can contact our company and benefit from private jet renting services that is offered with high technology planes.

When Can I Rent Private Jet?

You can benefit from private jet renting services in your local and international travels. Because it is a safe and comfortable transport option, you can also choose private jets for your urgent transfers, such as transfer of patients or urgent cargo, as well as your holiday and business trips.

By renting a private jet you also have the possibility to reach zones where scheduled planes don't fly.

What Are the Advantages of Private Jet Renting?

Most important advantage of private jet renting is that it offers special and privileged flight experience. Also, as individuals can decide their route and flight date and time which is the other advantage of private plane renting. Individuals also doesn't wait hours for the flight unlike the scheduled flights, nor must deal with check-in or baggage handling!

Private jets guarantee a comfortable journey because they are ready to take off in 2 to 4 hours after the request and do not lose time because they move from the nearest airport to take-off and landing stops, and offer direct and comfortable transport.

In addition to all these advantages, on demand, specially equipped planes could be arranged where cell-phone calls and internet is available.

What are the Application Methods for Private Jet Rental Request?

To take advantage of our private jet rental service, you can forward your request to us via phone, WhatsApp application, email or contact form. Our authorized consultant who receives your request will instantly initiate the necessary procedures to submit the special jet with the qualifications to meet your requests in a short time.

Our plane portfolio will meet your needs and expectations with our private jet rental service, which we offer with our state-of-the-art aircrafts.

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