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Cargo Plane Charter

Plures Air

Cargo Plane Renting Service

With our cargo plane renting service, your shipments arrive smoothly on the other side of the world.

Many companies operating in Turkey and does business with foreign countries and especially companies in import and export business commonly benefit from cargo plane renting services to save time and decrease the risk of damaged cargo.

What are the Benefits of the Service?

Considering the import and export potentials of large scale companies, cargo plane renting service ensures that the commercial activities are carried out smoothly since it is fast and reliable.

Cargo planes, which serve to make life easier for our service area, also have the possibility of carrying easily the ones that cannot be transported by air cargo transportation. In addition, cargo plane renting services can be used for cargoes that are urgently required to be transported.

In addition, since we are an organization accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), all transmissions are secured.

What can be transported by cargo planes?

With cargo plane renting service, dangerous goods such as heavy tonnage products, perishable foods, business machines, sensitive and valuable goods, high tonnage products subject to import and export shipment, oil and gas can be transported. In addition to these shipments which require special attention during transportation, you can also get services for your shipments which must be delivered to the buyer immediately.

Does Cargo Service Have an Alternative?

After your request to our company, our cargo department officers can make the necessary evaluations and direct you to air cargo transportation service instead of cargo plane renting service depending on the type of your goods. We are offering this alternative to enable you to benefit from economical transportation.

What Should I Do to Rent a Cargo Plane?

All you need to do is to contact our company for cargo plane renting services. It is important to note that your request made to our company will need at least 4 to 8 days before the date of the transportation. This period is necessary to make the necessary preparations and to complete the relevant procedures.

You can contact Plures Air by phone, with WhatsApp application, email or contact form to get detailed information and create a request. By benefiting from our cargo plane renting service, you will save time and you can easily reach your buyers.

You can access us 24/7 when you need any service.
We are working hard to make your time valuable.