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Air Freight

Plures Air

Turkey Cargo Transportation

Since its inception, the mission of our company has been offering safe, uninterrupted, qualified and fast Turkey air cargo transportation services.

Plures Air is a member of International Air Cargo Association and performs air cargo transportation in conformance with the standards of IATA (International Air Transport Association).

What Is Air Cargo Transport?

Air cargo transport, by the most general definition, is the process of transporting cargo suitable for air transport. Due to its speed, these services stand out among land and sea route.

International Turkey Cargo Service

Fast development of technology brought along changes in the logistic sector. One of these changes is the relatively higher preference in today's world than past times for international airplane cargo service. Plures Air's international Turkey cargo service provides fast, safe, and economical delivery of posts to distant destinations.

Turkish cargo service, which is performed according to the international laws and rules, provide especially the delivery of products in a short time to another country, or even another continent. In the routine of daily life, people may forget or skip shipping the documents, papers or products that need to be shipped in time. The optimum solution for this problem is the international airplane cargo; it offers a faster and more economic logistic service than the transportations and cargo services made by the sea or on the highway.

Plures Air carries out the required and important procedures before the shipment, and offers specific solutions and alternatives to its individual customers and institutional companies about the cargo process. Facilities and the dimensions of your international cargos will be controlled and assessed in accordance with IATA rules. There are quite a lot of products that can be shipped. Special situations like the delivery of an animal, dangerous material, and situations that require cold chain conditions will be planned carefully and end after taking high-end security measures.

Prices of Turkey Cargo

Cargo prices vary according to the facility, content, dimension, and weight of the item shipped. One of the factors in determining the price is the distance to the destined country. Prices are determined in accordance with the international standards. Customers who want to learn the price of Plures Air international airplane cargo service need to contact the company by either filling the request form or call our central office number.

Turkey Air Cargo Offers a Faster Cargo Service

Despite the high-speed cargo transport, there is a wide range of freight forwarding services available. The facilities offer a wide range of cargo services for single or small-sized deliveries. Offering customers 24/7 customer-focused services, Plures offers a wide range of cargo services from airport and airport.

Can I Send Cargo by Applying to Plures Air?

Air cargo transport has become increasingly important as we need to move quickly in almost every aspect. Our company also meets the needs of current period and this area also provides quality and professional service to your valuable customers.

Our company is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which guarantees to the customers that the company provides high quality and reliable services in the international market as well as in the domestic market.

Any kind of your request for transportation can be delivered to your desired delivery point in the world in a fast, economical, and safe way with the guarantee of our air cargo transport service.

What Kind of Cargo Can I Send?

Whether you are looking for small-size documents, parcels, documents, samples, etc., we can safely carry large quantities of health equipment, household items, sporting goods, musical instruments and more. In addition to this, you can also benefit from our air cargo transportation service for your special request such as pet, funeral transportation.

For your urgent, sensitive, or non-deliverable shipments, our company provides cargo aircraft rental services.

What are the Advantages of Air Cargo Transportation?

Air cargo transport, transforms certain disadvantages of land and sea transportation into advantages. It is your natural right to desire fast and intact cargo delivery. Thanks to the fast delivery feature, which is the biggest advantage of air cargo transport, you will have the opportunity to deliver your cargo quickly without any damage to your cargo as it has been subjected to less vibration than other cargo transportation methods.

In addition to these, your domestic deliveries will be delivered at every point and your international deliveries can be sent to almost any point abroad.

What Do You Need to Be Careful About This Service?

To benefit from air cargo transport service, you should contact our experienced employees and you should get information about the availability of your delivery and the quality of your delivery which you want to send via our company. Our authorised personnel will be happy to help you with what you need to do, informing you in detail.

You can apply 24 hours a day for the air cargo transportation service, to create a request for your desired transaction or to inquire about your shipments.

You can access us 24/7 when you need any service.
We are working hard to make your time valuable.