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Enjoy Privileges of Sky with Private Charter Services

Private aircraft charter services are offered by Plures Air for many years to meet your needs and enjoy privileges of sky. Our company offers private charter services for domestic and international flights as well as private jet, ambulance plane, passenger plane, and cargo plane charter services.

What is Private Jet Charter?

Private jet charter services are one of the private charter services of our company. You can benefit from these services in your business trips or holidays, as a group or individual. You can fly to any destination you like or easily send your emergency documents to desired destination.

What Is Passenger Plane Charter Service?

Another type of private plane charter services is passenger plane charter services. This service offers the flexibility to select route, date, and time of flight. You can enjoy travelling together with a group of minimum 50 people.

What Is Cargo Plane Charter Service?

Our company also offers cargo plane charter services under private aircraft charter services. Our agency is the member of IATA (International Air Transport Association) and offers cargo plane charter services. We can transfer your valuable or emergency packages, packages with hazardous material, or extremely heavy packages to all destinations with an airport. This service is initiated after our cargo department evaluates the demands and approves the package when certain standards are met.

If your packages could be transferred with air cargo, we are transferring you to our air cargo transportation services instead of cargo plane charter services to decrease your overall costs.

What is Ambulance Plane Charter Service?

Planes in our charter portfolio offers ambulance plane charter services. This was our customers save time to transfer patients and injured people from one region to another under private charter services. As it is matter of health, this service has special place among private charter services. Under this service, we can also transfer organs in addition to individuals and offer evacuation in case of natural disasters.

Price of this service depends on distance between transfer points, type of plane, and support of land ambulance. If the transfer has higher price than the budget of the individual, our company also offers patient transfer with a doctor using schedules flights.

How Soon Can I File Demand?

You should file your demand 2-4 hours before private jet charter services, and 4-8 days before passenger and cargo plane charter services. For patient transfer, ambulance planes could be prepared in 2-4 hours. However, if the patient will be transferred with scheduled flights, demands should be filed at least 1 week before the transfer as necessary permissions will be taken and stretchers should be organised.

You can contact us for detailed information to enjoy fast solutions and privileges of private aircraft charter services offered by our firm.

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