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Air Ambulance Turkey

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Air Ambulance Plane Renting Service

Plures Air has been providing safe, fast, and comfortable patient transfers for years with air ambulance plane renting service. We are fully committed to the specific needs that arise when health is concerned, contributing to the preservation of the patient's current health status by carrying out safe flights.

What is Air Ambulance Plane?

Air ambulance planes are vehicles that provide services to meet needs such as the transfer of sick or injured individuals to health facilities located in another area outside the area where they are located, the transportation of emergency medical personnel in need, and organ transfer. Ambulance planes are equipped with all kinds of equipment and health equipment that the patient or wound will need during the transfer.

Contrary to popular belief, ambulance planes cannot land at the scene. Unlike helicopters, planes need a track for safe landing and departure. For this reason, ambulance planes depart from the airport closest to the area where the patient is located and travel to the nearest airport to the area where the transfer is to be made.

What are the Advantages of Air Ambulance Plane Renting?

  • Since air travel is much safer than land transportation, you can guarantee a safe flight if you use an ambulance plane renting service.
  • Ambulance planes are comfortable and offer high-speed transfer. Rapid transportation, which is an essential for patients and wounded people, is also very important for organ transfer. Because the organ to be transported should be delivered in the minimum time.
  • Air ambulance planes can be equipped with health equipment depending on the needs of patient.

What is Plures Air's Role in Patient Transfers?

You can rent air ambulance planes in our rental portfolio for your domestic and international transfers needs. In addition to ambulance plane renting services, our company also organizes transfers to and from the airport to hospital with land ambulance and also transfers to airline companies that provide more economical transfer opportunities. In short, we are interested in all the details of the transfer you need, and we do the necessary organization in a complete way.

How Can I Rent an Ambulance Plane?

You can reach us by phone, by using WhatsApp application, by sending an e-mail or by filling out the contact forms available on our site, you can request ambulance plane renting 24/7. The air ambulance plane you are renting is ready between 2 to 4 hours after your request is confirmed.

If a scheduled transfer will be made with, a longer preparation process is needed to make the necessary arrangements, such as need for stretcher or other procedures. For this reason, you must submit your relevant transfer requests to our company at least 1 week in advance.

Benefit from our air ambulance plane renting service for problem-free transfers!

You can access us 24/7 when you need any service.
We are working hard to make your time valuable.