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Patient Transfer by Plane

Plures Air

Patient Transfer by Plane

Patient transport by plane has utmost importance in terms of realizing fast and comfortable transfers. Within this scope, Plures Air undertakes the transfer organizations of the patients by operating in cooperation with major airline companies, especially with Turkish Airlines.

In addition to carrying out the necessary procedures to receive service from the most suitable scheduled airline company to meet your needs, our company is also at your side with ambulance plane and private jet rental services in case of emergency.

If the patient will be treated in another area, or if the patient's medical condition is not suitable for a land-based voyage, you can benefit from the patient transfer by plane services.

How does Plures Air Provide Patient Transfer by Plane Services?

Plures Air is one of the qualified companies that undertake patient transfer by plane, which will be carried out with major airline organizations, especially with Turkish Airlines.

We will obtain detailed information about the current health status of the patient (such as legendary / non-legible) in accordance with the request you send to our company, and start the transfer process quickly by communicating with the airway company providing the best service. All necessary correspondence and paper works as well as land ambulance transfers and the companion / doctor / health team travel organization to supervise the patient are carried out by our company with careful attention to the finest details.

Is It Possible to Organize Patient Transfer by Plane by the Companion?

Patient transfer by plane services has many integrated services. Examples of these services vary according to the status of the patient, such as land ambulance support, transfer to the airport, doctor, and health personnel support during the service. Any failure of any of these services on the ground and in the air, could turn into a nightmare. We would like to remind you that these services, which will be organized according to the condition of the patient (such as with/without stretcher), will function smoothly only with the presence of a professional medium.

Our company, which has been professional in the field of patients transfers for many years, ensures that all related units are informed of the patients and works in coordination with the ground and flight officers to prevent situations that would cause the victimization of the transferred patients.

When Should I Apply for Patient Transfer by Plane Service?

If the patient is to be transported by airplane, you should contact our company in 1 to 3 days before the transfer. This way, our company will be able to do all the necessary preparations to eliminate all difficulties.

How Will Patient Transfer by Plane in an Emergency Organised?

Our company carries out transfers of emergency patients with private jet and ambulance plane rental services. These devices are rented for the safe and rapid transfer of patients, or organs.

When there is an urgent patient transfer by plane need, after the application, the plane in our rental portfolio will be ready between 2 to 4 hours. Equipped with all kinds of medical equipment, these planes depart from the airport closest to the patient or wounded person and land at the airport closest to the health institute.

When you need patient transfer by plane your biggest support is Plures!

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