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Private Tour Turkey

Plures Air

Private Tour Service and Private Travel Management

For your domestic and international travels, Plures Air offers all the services you may need during your journey together. You may enjoy your journey instead of dealing with different agencies.

Plures Air which is a member of TÜRSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies), guarantees customer satisfaction with precise planning and organization as part of private travel management. It allows individuals and institutions to complete their trips without having any problems.

What are the services offered as part of private travel management?

Essential services such as ticket sales of charter and scheduled flights, visa application, hotel reservation as well as planning of the tour program, organization of all details and other requests of the customers are among the services we offer. The main advantage of benefiting from Plures Air's tour services is that your needs regarding the travel and the tour will be managed all together.

What are the advantages of private travel management services of Plures Air?

If you don't have enough time to plan your travels beforehand, you may want Plures Air to do it on your behalf. So you will save time and have a stress-free trip.

As part of our service we provide you with the plane tickets or allocate private planes on your demand. Transfers to and from airport are done by VIP cars. Also, we deal with the visa applications and hotel reservations.

What are the other services offered as part of tourism activities?

Ticket sales, chauffeur, guest welcoming, VIP airport transfer, visa application, hotel reservation and other services are offered by our professional and qualified team.

If you need an assistant that plans your trip and considers every detail for you, we are always there.

You can access us 24/7 when you need any service.
We are working hard to make your time valuable.